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This page originally created by Nazgol Y. (2020-21)

General Search[edit]


Google search engine is commonly used to find Open Educational Resources (OER); however, some sources found can be under different licenses which might not allow you to openly use them. Using Google Advanced Search ( it is possible to select a specific usage right to filter the results.

CC Search[edit]

CC Search ( is an online tool that automatically filters search results to provide the ones that are openly licensed to be used by everyone.

Photo/Image Search[edit]

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Wikimedia Commons ( has over 67 million freely licensed images, audio and videos for public use including commercial uses.

Google Images[edit]

Google Images or Google Advanced Image Search ( allows users to select the appropriate usage rights to filter their search results.


Pixabay ( releases content such as images, videos, and music under the Pixabay License which allows users to use them with no attributions required.


"All images are available as PNG files and as high-quality SVG files which look beautiful at any size. All clip art images are distributed under cc0 "no Rights Reserved" license. You can copy, modify, and distribute these images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission." (

Video Search[edit]


( Place to easily find Creative Commons licensed videos.

TED-Ideas Worth Spreading[edit]

Videos released by TED ( are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, which allows them to be freely shared and reposted.

Al Jazeera[edit]

Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository ( displays select broadcast quality footage that has been released by Al Jazeera under various Creative Commons licenses. these footage are now available for download, and to be shared.

Audio/Music Search[edit]


Jamendo ( offers a wide variety of music tracks that are licensed under Creative Commons, therefore they are available for download.


Free Music Archive[edit]

Free Music Archive (FMA) ( is a website that allows users to download music that is released under Creative Commons licenses.

Education Search[edit]

General Education Search[edit]

OER Commons[edit]

Open Education Resources (OER) ( are teaching and learning material that allows you to freely use them and reuse, without needing to ask permission. "OER have been authored and created by an individual or organization that chooses to retain few, if any, ownership rights." (

Open Textbook Search[edit]

Open Textbook Library[edit]

on OPen Textbook Library ( open textbooks are licensed by authors and publishers to be freely used and adapted. download, edit and distribute them at no cost.

Simulation and Animation Search[edit]


PhET ( provides research-based simulations for various subjects. these simulations have all be distributed under the Creative Commons-Attribution 3.0 license and the Creative Commons GNU (General Public License) which allows them to be freely used in classrooms.


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